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Dr. Di

Dr. Dianah T. Lake, MD (also known as Dr. Di) is an emergency medicine physician, a best-selling author, speaker, consultant, fitness competitor, wellness expert, autism parent advocate and founder of Dr. Di Fit Life.  Using her clinical experience as an emergency medicine physician, and her knowledge as a total fitness and wellness expert, she promotes a holistic approach to disease prevention, fitness, longevity, selfcare and overall wellness.  Dr. Di is relatable and engaging.  She shares her expertise through public speaking and several social media channels.  Sign up for helpful tips on health, fitness, nutrition, wellness and selfcare today!

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“Growth and comfort
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Virginia Rometty

“A dream becomes a goal when action
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Robert Foster Bennett

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

John Rohn

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An Amazing Coach

Thank you so much Di!! You were an amazing coach throughout this challenge! I have no doubt that you will excel in your fitness business, and bring even more people closer to accomplishing their fitness goals! I’m slimmer (down 9lbs), and more knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness because of you!


30 Day Fitness Challenger

Such An Inspiration

You were such an inspiration, I started eating clean and lifting weights because of you. I hope I can still follow you after this page is gone.


30 Day Fitness Challenger

A Source of Motivation

It was fun going through this process with you. Seeing your constant posts were also a source of motivation for me, so thank you as well! You look amazing, and I look forward to seeing how your fitness journey continues to develop from here on. Thank you for your instruction and support! You inspire all of us!


30 Day Fitness Challenger

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