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Make Room for Breakfast and Strength Training and Lose Weight!

Food is Medicine.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  You frequently hear these adages in the health and wellness space. Not only are they true, but they need reiteration especially in our microwave culture today where fewer people can truly sit down and enjoy a great breakfast.  People are spending less time at the breakfast table eating together, and more time on the go.   We miss the natural medicinal properties of organic foods in our diet when we conveniently grab the quickest thing we can get our hands on to eat every morning, and rush out to work.

Let’s think about it for second.  What are some typical on the go or quick breakfast options at home or at work?  Bagels, muffins, donuts, croissants, pre-packaged pancakes/waffles, cold cereal, pop tarts, etc…  Most of these options are ladened with starch/sugar and calories.  Conversely, they contain a negligible amount of protein, fiber or good fats, core ingredients and nutrients that are helpful in providing us with energy we need throughout the day.

The breakfast alternative shown in this photograph is low glycemic, meaning it will not cause a major rise in the blood glucose after consumption.  You basically have a veggie omelet stuffed with peppers, spinach, basil, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes, topped with slices of avocado, and a slice of melon and orange on the side.  This meal is a great source of moderate protein, good fats and veggie/fruit-based carbs.  It’s also loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all of which help reduce inflammation in the body, boost your metabolism, protect against free radicals in the body and promote good health.

The foods we eat give us energy in the form of calories.  A high sugar or high starch meal plan will keep your blood insulin level high.  If your insulin level is high, it will direct your body to use glucose/carbs for energy instead of using your fat stores, so you hold on to your fat.   Chronically elevated insulin levels are also associated with cellular damage to the tissues and organ systems over time, so it’s very important to keep insulin level in check.

If you maintain a low glycemic (low carb, low sugar) meal plan, your insulin levels will be relatively low, this will make it possible for your body to use more stored fat for energy.  The more stored fat you burn off, the leaner you’ll become!  Eureka!

Wait, there’s more!  Adding weights and resistance to your exercise regimen is another great way to burn of more calories!  The more weights you lift in your fitness routine, the more energy (calories) you will burn off throughout the day.  The cleaner your diet becomes, and less sugary or less carb-filled your meals are, the higher the probability of you accessing your fat stores for energy.

Carbs are a necessary energy source needed by our brain and many vital organs for everyday metabolic functions occurring in the body.  The issue is knowing the right kind of carbs to eat, and eating them at the right time to allow the energy it releases (calories) to be used to our benefit…

In general, more processed carbs/sugar consumption can to lead water retention in the soft tissues, and a surge in insulin level, which in turn increases risk for cellular damage, less fat usage for energy, less fat loss, more difficulty losing weight, and increased risk of diabetes.

A cleaner meal plan consisting of good carbs, low glycemic foods, moderate protein food sources, good fats plus a great strength training regimen using some form of resistance allows for less water retention, a lower Insulin level, more fat burning, muscle building and loss of unwanted weight.

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