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Cheers To A Better You!

It was a new year!  A fresh start!  I had finally decided to commit to being in the best health I could create for myself.  I’ve blown my own mind with this thing!  Intention is powerful!  For many years, I’ve advised my patients and clients about how to be fit and healthy.  I’m now actually walking my talk.  It’s a wonderful feeling!

I’m 43 years young with a clean bill of health, living a truly amazing life, and handling life’s ups and downs with grace and humility.  I have handled many life challenges that would seriously crumble most people.  Why am I able to do this?  Because I decided to put myself first…fill my own bucket and emotional well first, create the life I want to live, and not what society says is acceptable for me. I’m enjoying all of God’s creations around me!  I’m truly living, and not merely existing.  Happiness from within is so fulfilling and rewarding.

I raise my hand in testimony today!  A fit, healthy, happy, emotionally stable life is possible!  There is life after divorce, after a difficult childbirth, weight gain, a stressful job life, raising a special needs child, domestic violence, unbelievable family drama…you name it, I’ve been there, and still I rise! Every morning, by the grace of God, I rise!  Despite doubters and naysayers, I rise!

I say all of this to send some love, encouragement and hope to people out there who are struggling right now with poor health, an uneasy spirit and feeling unwell.  It all starts with a thought…a decision to become better than you’ve ever been before.  You can begin with changing your nutrition, creating an exercise routine and elevating your mindset.  What you feed your body and mind daily permeates into all aspects of your life!  What we eat and drink, how often we physically move our bodies, what we listen to on the radio, how much rest and sleep we allow ourselves, what we watch of television are all stimuli that mold and impact our physical and emotional well-being and mental state.

Eating healthily, sleeping well, exercising regularly, staying hydrated, thinking, planning and executing positive, meaning thoughts will lead to amazing life changes and results!  The greatness in me acknowledges and sees the greatness in you!

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Create an amazing day y’all!!


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