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Enjoy the Process

Enjoy the process! Traverse this journey of health and wellness with the right mindset and spiritual energy.  Sure, you could be leaner, healthier, fitter, stronger, have a robust meal plan and fitness routine, gain more muscle, lose more fat, have more energy, lose the fatigue, have flatter abs, etc… but please enjoy and appreciate your current body as you are today!  Count your blessings!  You are lovable as you are now, flaws and all!  Our worth as human beings is innate and inherent.  Know that we are all valuable as individuals and deserving of a good health and emotional stability.

Yes!  Definitely plan and execute measures toward being a better version of yourself, and meet all your health and fitness goals, but please enjoy today…. Enjoy now, this moment, now just as you are in your most raw and pure form!  Relish in your ability to function as a living breathing human being, to give and receive love, to bless others with your wonderful gifts.  Be grateful for blessings you’ve received, and blessings you’ve extended to others. Celebrate you in the meantime.  Your better self is on the horizon.  In the interim, practice self-love and self-care. Self-love and appreciating one’s self-worth are so important.  It totally changes the game.  There’s no longer any room for self-berating…we simply don’t have any bandwidth for that.  We can choose to move through life and exist at a higher vibration even as we are still progressing toward our goals…

Please quiet the negative self-talk going on in your head. Trust me, it creeps into my head sometimes too. It’s never forgiving or kind is it?  Well… let’s give negativity its cease and desist walking papers today!  Give yourself a break!  Enjoy today, the here and now.  Take a full long deep breath right now and pull in all the kindness you can give yourself.  Then breathe out a full long breath exhaling self-doubt, fear and shame.  Repeat this exercise 5 times and assess your energy.  How do you feel?  Hope it’s a great feeling.  Be encouraged knowing that this practice is always available to you.  Tap into it as often as you need to and focus on the best strategies you need to implement to bring yours goals to fruition.

Now, remember that robust nutrition and exercise regimen I mentioned earlier?  Wanna be leaner, stronger, happier and healthier?  Want to elevate your mindset, sculpt a body you absolutely love, and lift your spirit?  Want to lose the fatigue, and have more energy for fun times with your family, spouse and kids?  Then let me suggest the Fit Boss 90 Day Fitness Transformation Program!  Through this program, you will create balance, and finally make your fitness a priority.  Lose unwanted fat, build curves and muscles to protect your bones long term.  Feel ridiculously energized and naturally have a better mood.  Feel confident in your clothes, exude femininity and strength simultaneously.  Your future self will thank you!  Check out the Fit Boss 90 Day Fitness Transformation Program, and let’s get to work!

It’s GO Time!!

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