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The Fit Boss 90 Day Fitness


The Fit Boss 90 Day Fitness Transformation is Dr. Di’s signature group coaching program that helps busy professional women and moms transform their bodies, reframe their mindset toward food and exercise, turbocharge their metabolism, and create a body they absolutely love!

Join a comprehensive transforming experience with many professional women and moms from around the world! Learn useful healthy habits and exercises that will help you lose unwanted weight/fat and keep it off for good! Finally understand nutritional hacks that will help you flatten your core, build lean muscles and curves, and boost your metabolism! Sculpt sexy arms, lean legs, a lifted butt, and a strong core and back. Gain body confidence and self-esteem.  Feel confident in your own skin! Love your body through the journey…  Finally have the accountability, guidance and emotional support you need to succeed in health and fitness!

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ID Life: Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Consulting

Professional. Unique. Customized.

Dr. Di is an ID Life affiliate. She is available to work with your company or corporation in promoting a healthy workplace, work-life balance, and improvement in employee truancy and productivity. She can provide health and wellness related webinars, workshops, talks and seminars on site or remotely for your employees.

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The Fit Boss


The Fit Boss Academy is an online platform available to busy professionals who want to gain more knowledge, training and awareness on various wellness topics…

The academy features exercise demos, cooking demos, smoothies recipes, mindset exercises, self-care recommendations, great tips on holistic living, and much more!

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Fit Boss


Dr. Di has created a fun, high intensity total body toning and sculpting exercise bootcamp class. This class can be done in the workplace, gym, park, or a studio.

Book Dr. Di to teach a bootcamp class at your facility.

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Fit Boss 1-on-1


For those who need more personalized attention and time, Dr. Di has opened up her 1-on-1 coaching program. This program is for the select few who really want to see accelerated results! Your program will be customized to meet your specific fitness and wellness goals. To learn more, speak with Dr. Di today!

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